Under the Tree

by Andrew Weathers — April 03, 2017

The AW & SC Ogallala tour was by all counts a great success. We were happy to play this music in a live context & see friends along the way. Copies of Ogallala are still available from our bandcamp page.

We've got a new one for you all today, Andrew Weathers' score to Ryan LeCluyse's documentary project Under the Tree. The project followed the stories of three organizers developing projects in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. If you've not checked it out yet, it is highly recommended. Under the Tree is closer to a digital environment than a film & offers a unique experience.

The score is a selection of short pieces, attempts to evoke moods. The tunes range from haunting organ stabs, kraut rock synth sequences, to mangled reggae. You can hear the tunes and order a tape here.

As always, thank you. We're thankful that there are folks interested in the work that we release. We're trying to bring out the best that we can. Don't hesitate to get in touch. Look out for more this summer.

Infinite Future,