Indian Summer

by Gretchen Korsmo —

Hello, everyone, from one of the newest members of the Full Spectrum family! I am very excited to be a part of such a great group of people doing beautiful things. We’re excited this autumn to have two wonderful new releases for you. They are both incredible works from three talented musicians, all making their FS debut.

First, guitarist-songwriter Wes Tirey brings us his latest, O, Annihilator. It’s a kind of bedroom folk experimentation released as an especially limited edition cassette. Wes recorded these tunes in his bedroom in Black Mountain, North Carolina, after which Maharadja Sweets and our very own Andrew Weathers contributed additional instrumentation.

Our other release comes from Bay Area ambient improv duo, glou glou. This is glou glou’s debut album called Hymn Her Hum, also released as an especially limited edition cassette. This particular release was meaningful for myself, as I had the pleasure of working on the album art for these kind folks. I worked closely with Gretchen Jude and Arjun Mendiratta to create something connected to glou glou’s playful, organic approach to electronic music, and the results were lovely.

We have several fun projects ahead of us here at FS. We’ll be working on more artist debuts, including Bay Area musicians and a New Age legend. We’ve also begun working towards the addition of a new branch to the FS name. There’s a lot of work yet to be done, but we think this will add new life to the world of Full Spectrum.

Well, everyone, it’s the start of the Indian Summer here in California. The days are getting shorter, but the air is warm and filled with energy. I hope you all find yourselves well and are taking opportunities to stare at some sunsets and the moon when you can. I really believe that a good dose of sky and space can move all of us in some positive way. As always, thanks for your support—we are lucky there are so many great people interested in the same sounds we are.

Stay in touch,