Fall 2k15 Editions Littlefield Batch

by Andrew Weathers — September 15, 2015

Hi Everybody -

As summer comes to an end, we've got three new ones for you on our sublabel Editions Littlefield. These three jammers couldn't really be farther apart in aesthetic but that's how we like it over here.

Olivebridge is the first collaboration between Hudson Valley Drone Dudes Nathan McLaughlin and Seth Chrisman. It's deep and dark, investigating the dusty corners of a cabin in upstate New York.

Blaine Todd's debut solo release Dillingham takes on death and friendship through something sitting between fried-out country songs and American Primitive guitar.

Rin Larping is the project of longtime Full Spectrum fam Lindsay Smith. We're especially excited to bring you her debut STRATUM. Lindsay creates dense, murky fields of sound with bass clarinet and electric guitar. It sounds like something very large emerging from a distant swamp.

All in all, we're exceptionally proud of the work in this collection. These cassettes are in limited editions, so don't wait to pick these up. If you'd like to pick up all three, we made a package deal for you. Super shouts out to the folks who have already picked up these releases.

As always, thank you. We are thankful for everyone who is a part of the FS family. You can find FS releases on our Bandcamp page, a few select distributors, as well as most digital outlets. Boost Yr Friends 2k15 ! !

Many Thanks,