Only Four Years Until Blade Runner

by Andrew Weathers —

2k15 is a real rager. It’s already been full of surprises and activity at Full Spectrum World Wide Headquarters here in beautiful Oakland, California. We’re lucky to be here in 2k15. Blade Runner isn’t supposed to happen for another four years, and we even get 13 moon cycles this time around. I hope that you’re all doing as well as you can, moving towards your goals and getting the good work done.

We’ve got some releases lined up that I’m particularly excited about. They’re all available today – March 2nd – digitally and in limited physical editions.

First, there is Beast Nest’s Songs For Puppies. I’ve been following Sharmi’s live performances since we were at grad school together and I think she has put together a unique collection of recordings for us. Her work encompasses noise, lush soundscapes and astrological references that I wish I understood better. Songs For Puppies isn’t a journey for the faint of heart.

Also, at long last, I’m happy that FS is releasing the debut from Austin Glover and Eric Perreault, Freight 1110 Through Greensboro. Austin and Eric are some of my closest friends; I think that I’ve played more music with them than anyone else over the years. They’re on most of my records and on every single AW Ensemble record. It’s been so long now that I can’t remember when they started working on their collaborative album. Their work takes the folk sounds that we’ve worked with together and refines them into something a little bit more regal. There are rough-hewn fiddle riffs and sections that sound like chamber music.

Finally, there’s Littlefield. I’m excited about this one not only because it’s my first solo guitar release, but because it’s the beginning of a new era for FS. Littlefield is the first release of our new sub-label, Editions Littlefield. We’ll be releasing cassettes of acoustic-oriented work, curated by Blaine Todd and myself. Eventually, we will also release an annual journal under the label. All of this is related to a long-term project we’re working on – consider it a toolbox for living positively and sustainably. We can make the future and we have to take the future back from the forces that are trying to take it away from us. That’s what Editions Littlefield is about. Expect a lot more interesting stuff from Editions Littlefield.

As always, thank you. You can find FS releases on our Bandcamp page and at a few select distributors. We have a lot more to share with you throughout 2k15!

Remember: check out the sky, the future is only yours and never stop fighting.