by Andrew Marino —

If you were to ask me if I thought Full Spectrum would be around after five years, I would have honestly said probably not. For a while it looked that way. And yet, here we are today. Somehow things have remained together, even though each of us lives in different time zones and have a million other things happening all at once. Life is confusing, disorienting, and overwhelming with the amount of information we have to constantly process—no doubt this is stating the obvious. The music we share as a label is really what keeps things rooted, serving as a guide to where we have been and where we may be headed. Change is constant but the recordings remain the same. They are moments for all to sit, catch a breath, and regain focus within flux.

There are some fresh releases, small changes, and big announcements on the horizon, but we’ll shed light on those very soon. Be good to one another and we’ll see you next year!

An Important Note
By the end of this year we will be changing and cleaning up our shop a bit. All of our available physical editions can now be purchased on Bandcamp, alongside their digital counterparts. You might experience some errors while we close the old shop and reroute the URL to Bandcamp. Until our URL directs properly, please use this link to access our shop.