Deepest Indigo

Tanner Menard

Having left his musical pursuits behind in recent years to pursue life and spirituality more fully, Menard has permitted us to release these works with joy and remembrance for a time now gone; ghostly echoes of a past creative process rattling about Menard’s former home in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans.

Inspired by the music of Joni Mitchel, the photography of Johnny Utterback and soft glowing light, ‘Deepest Indigo’ was composed in 2009 using two instances of pianoteq and a custom tuning designed by Nicholas Gish. The tracks have languished in our archives ever since, being fondly revisited every so often by the FS crew.

In ‘Deepest Indigo,’ musically narrative is jettisoned in favor of static compositions that allow the surreal tonalities of Gish’s tuning systems to shine through, as Menard’s delicate melodies gradually blur into a singular fused mass. The album benefits from random playback, creating a fresh sonic experience with every listen.

The album’s track titles are also designed for random playback, generating aleatoric poems that convey the artist vision behind the music. If played back in their standard order, the poem reads: “sort orchids, halted glistening subdued rainbows, deepest indigo fills the space.”

A mechanism of slight deformation of reality that seems to run parallel with reality itself. Touching Extremes