Andrew Weathers & Seth Chrisman

Full Spectrum boss Andrew Weathers and Seth Chrisman – the artist formerly known as Widesky – join forces once again to deliver their third collaborative release for our Editions Littlefield sub-label. Following on from their Ever Steady tape for Denmark’s Phinery Tapes, Ogallala is a decidedly more rustic affair that shows the duo taking a rough-hewn approach to the bucolic drone aesthetics they’ve staked out over the course of their sessions together.

Recorded on location in Littlefield, Texas, Weathers and Chrisman began to develop the raw tracks at night after spending their days performing renovations on the building that is now home to the new Full Spectrum headquarters. After spending long hours toiling under the Texas sun, they would collapse and drone out – a performative exhaustion ritual that bore rich fruits.

Supplemented with field recordings captured around Littlefield, such as the eerie creaking resonance of barbed wire rattling in the prairie wind, the album is suffused with the gritty ambience of the Texas Panhandle. Its title refers to the once-critical aquifer that runs underneath the region. Nearly depleted after only 60 years of use, the aquifer enabled agriculture to continue in the area’s arid climate following the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.

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