Over My Obstructions Volume 1

C.J Boyd / Andrew Weathers

Inspired by the Danish film “Five Obstructions”, the Over My Obstructions series seeks to help musicians create in unfamiliar ways by presenting them with challenges in the compositional and recording process. In Vol. 1: This Voice Saying These Words, C.J. Boyd and Andrew Weathers, two musicians who have performed together for years, set forth obstructions. To read more about the Over My Obstructions series, please visit its respective page. Here are the following obstructions set forth by each artist.

C.J. gave the following obstructions to Andrew:

  1. The entire side (of the tape) must be one piece (i.e. have the integrity of one composition).
  2. Only 1/3 of the instrumentation used can be guitar.
  3. The composition must be generated from someone else’s music.
  4. A section of the composition must be generated from someone else’s music.
  5. The composition must include a cover of a song that Andrew very much dislikes.

Andrew gave the following obstructions to C.J.:

  1. All songs must be under five minutes.
  2. At least one song must contain no “instruments” (i.e. anything created for making music).
  3. No song may contain ostinato (i.e. a short melody or pattern that is constantly repeated).
  4. The side must include some upright bass, at least 2/3 of which must be played with a bow.
  5. There must be at least one consecutive minute with no tonal center.