Corey Larkin

Pnomoneya is a captivating work of microtonal stasis and decay, clocking in at an hour and seventeen minutes. The initial idea behind the piece comes from a field recording made on a subway—sounds of droning metal-on-metal friction. From there, Corey set out to create a work that emulates these sounds, utilizing an array of bowed gongs, bells, and singing bowls. Over the three day recording period, Pnomoneya was completely improvised from his isolated apartment which had been frozen with thick layers of ice. The piece itself feels like a single tone, frozen within these thick layers and exposed to the listener in tiny increments. Each of the four sections of Pnomoneya isolate the listener as different pitches wax and wane. Overall the piece is completely fluid and weightless with influences from minimalist composer La Monte Young.

The sounds aren’t hypnotic in the Reich/Riley sense, rather they hang in the mind like monolithic blocks of colour, apparently solid yet actually composed of slightly varying layers, that you only notice slowly, as you examine. It’s a rewarding experience. Terrascope
A close listening exercise in hardcore drone isolationism. Textura