25 to 40


The latest entry in our ongoing Editions Littlefield series, 25 to 40 marks the Full Spectrum debut of Luke Gullickson’s Golconda project. A longstanding resident of New Mexico, 25 to 40 is a loosely themed love letter to his 10 summers living in the West.

The album takes its title from the almost comically straightforward driving directions Gullickson followed as he drove himself out to spend his first summer in New Mexico, which carried him through Oklahoma’s Black Mesa – seen in the album’s cover art – and into the arid gulches that stretch throughout the Land of Enchantment.

Each of the tape’s ten songs is titled for a Forest Road found in New Mexico’s national forest lands, providing a series of sonic postcards representing specific zones that have left an impression on Gullickson in his travels. From a purely technical perspective, however, the compositions found on 25 to 40 are based around binary forms, with full sections that repeat unpredictably. The result is a dusty soundscape of resonant guitar thrum and brittle melody that possesses an internal logic all its own, falling forth from the speakers like a blown-out tumbleweed across a desert highway.