Channeled Voices of the West

by Andrew Weathers — January 16, 2017

Hi Everyone!

We hope that your Vital Energy 2k17 is off to a good start & that you're recharged and ready to go into the world with full force. We're happy to be kicking off the year with a batch of releases that have both been long in the works & that we're very excited about.

We discovered MJ Lallo's debut album, The Channeled Voice, buried in a box of obscure promo tapes that were sent to Berkeley's KPFA sometime in the 80s. Her private press album is unique & strange & we're lucky to reissue it in 2017. MJ backs up her extensively processed wordless vocalizations with quasi-exotica drum machine patterns to make a collection of tunes that is completely from a different planet. With the exception of the final track, the album contains no instruments beyond her drum machine & her voice. Downloads from our bandcamp page include an unreleased bonus track, "Healing for the Heart."

On Golden Apples of the West, Blaine Todd turns in a devastating follow up to 2015's Dillingham. Golden Apples ended up becoming somewhat of a swan song, as it was written and recorded as Blaine prepared to move across the country to The Great Big Apple. He manages to combine the country songwriting sensibility of Gram Parsons with the mood of depressive folk along the lines of Nocturnal Poisoning. Blaine Todd is developing into one of the stronger voices in avant-country, do not overlook this one.

Thanks to everyone who's already picked these up. If you haven't, get on it. As usual these are limited editions with very low likelihood of repressing. Keep doing your best out there, we'll keep doing our best over here. Look out for the rest of 2k17, we've got some interesting releases in the works.

Infinite Future,