A Great Southern City

Andrew Weathers

The debut album from Andrew Weathers released under his birth name, but certainly not the beginning of his career as a composer and a musician. Similar to the ambient days of Pacific Before Tiger, but taken to a whole new level. A Great Southern City is a perfect example of what Full Spectrum is about—offering music full of rich textures and a wide variety of instruments.

Andrew conceived the album in mind while spending the summer in Italy, and finished at home in Greensboro over the remainder of the year. The result is something personal, honest, and a pleasure to listen to. Each piece is crafted delicately and thoughtfully by Andrew using computer, guitars, and an array of other stringed and percussive instruments. The organic elements balance well with the electronic components, giving a more natural feel similar to Greg Davis and Peter Broderick.

The music has its own temperature, evoking an all-encompassing warmth, and clear colors and shapes are conjured. The Silent Ballet