A Process In The Weather Of The Heart


Pieced together over a period of several months, A Process In The Weather Of The Heart is the end result of dozens of live performances and countless hours of tinkering in the studio, fusing Ritger’s ambient guitar playing style with his interest in processed field recordings. Imbued with a distinctly aleatoric sensibility, there’s no denying that Ritger fully embraces a sense of “randomness” in his work, but this controlled unpredictability has always been an integral component of his compositional process, as generative processes are given equal status alongside tried and true compositional techniques. The end result is an organic hybrid of the traditional and avant-garde, hand-played versus computer-assisted, digital versus analog and pre-determined versus random; a 40-minute travelogue of where the Radere project has been and where it is headed, A Process ultimately serves as a flickering snapshot of a heady period during Ritger’s evolution as a sound artist.

Utterly relaxing and of great beauty. Tofaki
Radere’s gradual transitions show not only a dedicated work ethic, but a real delight in the miniscule, in exactitude. Foxy Digitalis