A Season In Decline


Stepping in for his second release with Full Spectrum, Philadelphia-based sound artist Radere returns with what may be his most personal artistic statement to date: A Season In Decline.

Assembled during a period of transition, A Season In Decline marks a decisive leap into the noisier end of the sonic continuum for Ritger, burnishing his lush soundscapes with carefully sculpted feedback and distortion to dramatic effect. Indeed, this may be the heaviest entry in the Radere catalogue to date, taking inspiration in equal measure from shoegaze, kosmische psychedelia and dark, droning ambience.

A Season In Decline shows his adventurous nature, an ability to push his own boundaries, and challenge the listener. Futuresequence
A Season in Decline is the rare drone release that sounds fully thought out and precise. Foxy Digitalis
The wonder of this piece is how smoothly it transforms from a sweet & lonely silent night into a wall of euphoric destruction. Anti-Gravity Bunny