Recorded quickly over the course of a few sessions last July, Dreamless finds Radere diving more deeply into the emergent sound world established with I’ll Make You Quiet. Raw drones and looping melodic passages melt into one another seamlessly, with his guitar and an ever expanding battery of effects processors providing the primary source material. Notably, this album features the first Radere track to feature no guitar sounds whatsoever. Indeed, “Widow Maker” is the result of an afternoon spent experimenting with feedback loops and voltage controlled oscillators; as expected, it stands among the most overtly aggressive Radere works to date.

“Marin” features a contribution from Full Spectrum label boss Andrew Weathers. Sourced from tape recordings of Weathers and Radere vocally harmonizing in the decommissioned military bunkers of San Francisco's Marin Headlands, this track was a staple of Radere's live sets throughout 2012.

Framed as an exercise in lo-fi aesthetics, Dreamless was tracked initially to four-track cassette and ultimately imported to a computer for further processing and mixing. This marks the first time Radere has utilized tape as a recording medium for one of his albums. As Radere refamiliarized himself with this once ubiquitous technology, it proved to be a sentimental choice; imbuing the creative process with a sense of youthful nostalgia.

Furthering this theme, the photos that come bundled with the physical edition are sourced directly from Radere’s personal Instagram stream. Instagram is a uniquely populist platform that has become the Polaroid of its day, allowing anyone to quickly capture and share moments in time, just as the four-track tape recorder allowed aspiring musicians to do the same.

Five tracks of distorted loops that feel like hazy memories. Overlap
Dreamless is his first album recorded to tape and the analog warmth shines through. Truly wonderful work here. Anti-Gravity Bunny