Earth Tones at the Metal Show

Seth Chrisman & Nathan McLaughlin

Full Spectrum is pleased to share our first release of the new year, courtesy of returning mystic drone conjurers Seth Chrisman and Nathan McLaughlin. ‘Earth Tones At The Metal Show’ marks the duo’s sophomore entry into our humble catalog, following on from the inimitable tonal meditations of 2015’s ‘Olivebridge.’

While that album was preoccupied with documenting the languid improvisational techniques employed by Chrisman and McLaughlin in session, ‘Earth Tones...’ focuses on capturing the refined essences of their studio practice. Recorded and assembled in a variety of locales throughout 2016 and 2017 – including a trio of home studios in Philmont, Tivoli, and Hudson, New York – these jams spool out as a menagerie of highly detailed miniatures and set pieces that explore the tension between rural and urban life.

Living within the periphery of the bustling urbanity of New York City provides Chrisman and McLaughlin with a unique outsider's view of the modern world. Whereas the rest of the world seems obsessed with maintaining a sense of perpetual acceleration, they are more concerned with finding ways to slow down – taking a longer breath, driving a bit slower, making sure you sit down to eat lunch, meandering through the woods.

Still, these ambient journeymen know they can’t hide forever; at some point, the time comes where even the most hermetic individual must venture into the city. ‘Earth Tones At The Metal Show’ is the soundtrack for that pilgrimage, all dressed in rich corduroy with a corny dad joke in its mouth.