more eaze

Austin­-based composer Marcus Maurice Rubio has been kicking around weirdo music circles for a while now, but he’s steadily ramped up his activity since moving from Los Angeles to Austin in summer 2014. He's spent his time exploring musical corners as distant as glitch, noise, folk, R&B and Wandelweiser­-esque stasis; a breadth of taste and knowledge that makes Rubio’s work under his more eaze moniker an ideal fit for the Full Spectrum roster.

The title track is a side-­long slow­-burner. Following a slowly developing organ drone, Rubio's guitar picking is accompanied by banjo, fiddle and pedal steel in something approximating a Future Old Time Jam before building to an ecstatic crescendo. On the flip, he re­imagines Michael Pisaro as an American Primitive guitarist, delivering O'Rourke­ian orchestration alternates with spacious pulses. Although Rubio wears his avant approach on his sleeve, the work never quite veers towards intimidating seriousness.

fine. straddles genre lines, but that's not to say it's scattered. Rubio synthesizes disparate styles and techniques into something that is immediately engaging and cohesive. It seems that more eaze is about funneling scatter-­brained 2k15 media consumption into something comprehensible.