Hymn Her Hum

glou glou

Active in the Bay Area since the beginning of 2012, glou glou (pronounced glue glue) is a project dedicated to creating improvised electronic music that is primarily ambient and consonant. Comprised of Mills College alum Gretchen Jude – who plays the Roland SP4​04, koto and sings, among other things – and Arjun Mendiratta – a.k.a. subnaught, who plays laptop, violin, rocks and such – glou glou is the birdsong of the future.

The duo’s debut proper, ‘Hymn Her Hum’ finds their collective energies focused on texture, timbre, tonality, posth​uman improvisation and whimsy. Recorded in Oakland, California earlier this year in a single take, the material on display here is loose and free, unspooling casually as Gretchen and Arjun feel their way through the session organically.

The end result sits comfortably next to classics of the modern free music movement, such as Ambarchi / Fennesz / Pimmon / Rehberg / Rowe’s ‘Afternoon Tea’ or perhaps the more becalmed climes of 12k’s MOSS ensemble, and marks glou glou as a group to watch from the burgeoning Bay Area experimental scene.

It is also worth noting that small children are particularly receptive to glou glou.

Hymn Her Hum achieves something close to perfection in a year that has been wonderfully overloaded with small batch experimental releases like this. Bob Ham, The Weekly Spin