I Can't Sleep, I Can't Wake Up


Full Spectrum is excited to present our second LP edition, this time from long-standing FS fam Carl Ritger under his Radere moniker. A companion of sorts to his recently released Sloth Period cassette, I Can’t Sleep, I Can’t Wake Up continues Ritger’s explorations into modular synthesis, supplanting the guitar harmonics that defined his previous output for Full Spectrum with a more purely electronic sound world.

Informed by Ritger’s troubled relationship with sleep, I Can’t Sleep, I Can’t Wake Up is a deep exploration of the shadowy in-between that divides dream time from waking life. Where many find peace, restfulness and rejuvenation in their unconscious hours, Ritger’s relationship with sleep has always been a fraught one. Since a young age, he’s wrestled with somnambulism and somniloquy, thus rendering sleep a rarely restful experience.

The album takes its title from a panel in Marvel’s little-known ‘Moon Knight’ comic, in which the titular hero is tasked with rescuing a man trapped in his own dreams after death. This stark couplet resonated with Ritger and provided the focusing point he needed to draw the elements for this record together. Side A – defined by squirming textures and sub-bass – became a sonic representation of the creeping dread that typifies an insomniac episode, while side B – with its haggard physicality and fumbling melodies – provides a mirror for the out-of-focus nature of the morning after.

The two side-long tracks ooze across the record, showcasing a more diverse tonal and aesthetic range than any previous Radere release. Ritger’s prowess as a sound designer thrives without the burden of the guitar’s pitched strings. Modular synthesis seems to suit this current iteration of his process, allowing him to delve into each textural layer in full and create something that is at once alien and familiar – much like the shadows we confront in our own dreams.