I Will Love You, Always

offthesky & Radere

I Will Love You, Always is a collaboration born from the vibrant Colorado electronic scene. Full Spectrum veteran Radere is joined by Denver sound sculptor offthesky for a half-hour cassette of Rocky Mountain drone.

Both of these artists have been extremely prolific over the last couple of years, turning out records that have been met with acclaim from critics and fans alike. Their personal styles shine and complement each other quite naturally on these two tracks, which mine the concept of drone in all its aspects, shifting effortlessly from placid tonal milieus to murky descents into dark ambience and back again as they unfurl.

These recordings were culled from improvised sessions that took place throughout October 2011, with the initial recordings later being reprocessed, arranged and added upon before taking their final form. Just after the project reached completion, pop icon Whitney Houston passed away. This unexpected tragedy gave the artists inspiration for their tongue in cheek title; which is intended as a tribute to the woman who provided the soundtrack to so many films from their youth.

Love is a drone dream.

Shimmers and radiates passionately, for their fallen heroine whose vocals emanated a soulful vibrato much like the drones, heard down the years and throughout memorable films echoed years ago. A Closer Listen
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