Full Spectrum is honored to announce a special reissue edition from Lavatone – the criminally unheralded studio project of Amarillo, Texas drummer and noise cartographer Drew Holder.

Originally recorded in 1994 in Holder’s office-cum-studio zone using a humble Fostex 4-track cassette recorder, an SM-58 microphone, and ART effects processor, Lavatone collects his first forays into home recording; a practice that he has explored extensively in the decades since.

Released into the world as a private press edition of just 30 tapes featuring Xeroxed artwork – most of which made their way into the collections of friends and family members – the album represents a true labor of love and dedication to his unique sonic vision.

Aesthetically, Lavatone hones in on a sideways vision of world music from a culture that never existed, taking cues from the percussive works of Mickey Hart, Zakir Hussein, Olantunji, and Airto. To our ears, the results recall Jon Hassell’s “Fourth World” tonalities spliced with a sludgy, psychedelic sensibility that could only have been born out of the dusty climes of the Texas Panhandle.

These tracks are now presented to the world at large for the very first time, featuring updated artwork by Gretchen Korsmo, remastered by Andrew Weathers with liner notes by Hayden Pedigo.