Let Me Sleep/Death is a Narrow Sea

Real Life Rock & Roll Band

Andrew Weathers gets his Real Life Rock & Roll Band back together for a blissed out new single for Full Spectrum. Comprised of Full Spectrum regulars Blaine Todd, Aaron Oppenheim and Scott Siler.

Kicking off with a rendition of the original hippie cowboy Mickey Newbury’s (RIP) "Let Me Sleep," the band locks into a particularly breezy groove. Newbury’s earnest anthem is given new life, anchored by shimmering synth pulsations and crystalline guitar lines that channel that inimitable California vibe.

On the flip, the band turn in an original number with “Death Is A Narrow Sea.” All oceanic pads, auto-tuned chorales and swung percussion, it recalls the lovelorn pop of Aarktica or a Codeine-laced riff on classic Yo La Tengo.