Andrew Weathers

Littlefield​ was recorded onto 4-track cassette one evening after hours at Weathers’ day job. It was hot and the office had no windows. Though open-tuned fingerpicking has been an important aspect of Weathers’ output for many years, Littlefield is his first proper Solo Guitar release. Along with accompaniment from guitarist Blaine Todd, Weathers has crafted a collection of jagged blues and spacious extended works.

Littlefield finds Weathers atypically bare; electronic processing traded for tape hiss. With no reverb to hide behind, Weathers’ odd-metered playing style comes to the fore, revealing rhythmic elements not usually found in his work.

This release marks the arrival of Editions Littlefield, a sub-label of Full Spectrum exploring ideas of intentional communities and progressive living. One might notice that the song titles on Littlefield c​ome from a variety of intentional communities and collectives.