Andrew Weathers & Seth Chrisman

After a brief respite, Full Spectrum Records returns with the release of Louella, the first collaborative effort from label co-founder Andrew Weathers and Seth Chrisman (a.k.a. Widesky).

The sessions that formed the foundation for this record took place in a remote corner of the Olympic National Forest in Washington state, where Weathers and Chrisman set up a makeshift studio in a decommissioned Forest Service guard station. For three days in December of 2013, they made their home there, hunkering down amongst the Douglas firs and dense Cascadian mist, fueling their improvisations with a steady diet of hot dogs and whiskey.

Sourced from guitars, lo-fi synthesizers, banjo and location recordings captured near their cabin, Louella strikes a middle ground between the two artists’ distinctive styles. Weathers’ deconstructions of the American folk tradition merge seamlessly with Chrisman’s billowing drones and rustling loop structures, creating a delicate bed of sound that is at once utterly engaging and effortlessly beautiful.

Only minor post-production was performed on the initial recording to stitch together highlights from the sessions, as well as to correct volume and equalization. Otherwise, what the listener finds on Louella is a faithful document of two fast friends engaging with their shared love of sound.

The album gleams with mid-day glow at points, and at others springs forward like the morning sun. Tabs Out Podcast
Music with a very home brew character. Vital Weekly
Though being solo artists working in slightly different fields, there is broad overlap in focus, and intention, making this pairing a completely natural and effortless endeavor. Tabs Out Podcast