Lucky Stumbles

Matt Northrup

Lucky Stumbles follows up Matt’s last full length, Word Is Bond exactly a year later. He’s maintained the sunny optimism of his previous effort while maturing his sound and approach. Northrup taps into the sound world of the contemporary synthesizer underground, but never strays too far from his throne as North Carolina’s premier experimental guitar shredder. This is music for the springtime, driving with the windows down.

Lucky Stumbles is available on screen-printed, two-sided paper lanterns printed on 100 lb card stock. Each lantern comes with an attached CD (for listening), a brad (for assembly), and string (for hanging). They come in one piece, and can be assembled as is. Listen to the CD, but don’t leave it on the lantern when hanging!

Rhythmic jaunts drift easily into warm beds of sustained chords. At moments, it even rocks. Shuffle Magazine
Northrup’s quiet, quaint display on stage and life is a deceiving appearance when contrasted with the swelling sound that emanates from his music. Nothing Sounds Better
Guitar aficionados would do well to track down Matt Northrup’s Lucky Stumbles, as a single exposure to the musician’s follow-up to last year’s Word Is Bond is all it would take to convince said listeners of the recording’s merits. Textura