Nick Hennies

As a percussionist, Nick Hennies exists in a different world than many other musicians working in the fields of drone and sound art, which has recently found itself imbued with a proliferation of guitarists and laptop-gazers. With Lungs, Hennies has created a work that sits both within drone and sound art with little help from digital sound processing. This work focuses on the variety of ways sound itself can be manipulated, in real-time, in the real world. Hennies draws unearthly ghosts and buzzing drones from between the heads of drums. Hennies has created a work that is bursting with originality, yet familiar enough to understand readily.

These are purely acoustic recordings made with no audio processing of any kind with the exception of “Lungs” which uses light amplification and equalization to vibrate the drum and accentuate overtones present in the acoustic sound.

Hennies has crafted an amazingly gorgeous drone record that is almost entirely ethereal. Anti-Gravity Bunny