Cedar AV

Nin-o-Van is the third full length from Wisconsin trio Cedar AV, but somehow the first to see the light of day. Comprised of Erik Schoster (He Can Jog, Geodes), Nate Zabriskie (Nomad Palace, Geodes), and Nick Sanborn (Made of Oak, Sylvan Esso), the trio have been quietly honing their brand of experimental digital pop in periodic intensive meet-ups and recording sessions, this time on Zabriskie's family property in rural Wisconsin. The trio recorded long improvisations in spaces throughout the property and collected field recordings that would be pared down into the album. The track titles take their names from nearby locations, most notably buildings that Zabriskie's great-grandfather built around Long Lake.

The album is at once familiar and otherworldly; digital clicks and blips meld naturally with acoustic guitar and hand percussion. The trio create an atmosphere of calmness and contentment without ever giving in to the saccharine, all while balancing out the haziness of lo-fi pop with hi-fi sensibility. All of these seeming contradictions don't seem to matter so much within the context of Cedar AV’s sonic world.

This is studied and considered music, which references Computer Music just as much as it does Björk; but in practice, those references slide away. This music just feels good to listen to, and bridging that gap is an admirable quality for us here at Full Spectrum.