O, Annihilator

Wes Tirey

As we welcome autumn and steel ourselves for the coming winter, Full Spectrum is proud to feature the sophomore effort from songwriter and guitarist Wes Tirey, O, Annihilator. The follow-up to ‘I Stood Among Trees’ – his 2013 debut – Tirey recorded this new album in his adopted home of Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Tirey tracked the initial sessions to cassette deck before passing the tapes off to Maharadja Sweet and Full Spectrum’s own Andrew Weathers for further arrangements and mixing. The end result exemplifies the sort of raw-edged folk balladry you might expect to hear in the back of an Appalachian bar, albeit bathed in tape hiss and lo-fi atmospherics. Focusing on themes of love and loss, Tirey imbues these songs with a sense of hopefulness that belies their earnest tenor.

His most experimental effort to date, O, Annihilator establishes Tirey as an American Primitive artist set firmly in the tradition of icons who came before, such as Ashley Paul, John Fahey and Robbie Basho. Expect much more to come from this idiosyncratic artist in the years ahead.

Tirey writes the sort of songs that sound like oral histories, passed down to him to be passed on again, owned by no-one, there for anyone to interpret. They sound like the remembered words of forgotten men. Wake The Deaf