Seth Chrisman & Nathan McLaughlin

Kicking off our September batch, we are pleased to present a new tape from Full Spectrum alumnus Seth Chrisman and longtime friend of the label, Nathan McLaughlin. Dubbed Olivebridge, this collection of recordings is the product of a weekend trip the pair took to a cabin in upstate New York.

A spiritual successor of sorts to Louella – Seth’s last release for our humble imprint, which was produced in collaboration with Andrew Weathers – Olivebridge ​features these young sound artists at the peak of their collective powers, weaving hushed organic drones that feel as though hewn from the surrounding forest itself.

Opening with the call of a bald eagle soaring above the Ashokan Reservoir in upstate New York, the proceedings quickly turn inward with the shadowy sonics of “II.” The album’s sprawling centerpiece, “II” features Nathan performing a selection of instruments through his signature tape delay system; meanwhile, Seth makes use of environmental objects and even the cabin itself to craft a mass of rustling textures and tonal pools.

Thick with atmosphere, the cabin itself looms large over these recordings, its dusty corners taking shape as the sound seeps outward from the mixer. Ultimately, however, the drone finds a path forward and begins its slow creep toward the trees over the course of tracks “III” and “I.”

Finally, the layers peel back to reveal the becalmed trickle of snowmelt flowing into the Ashokan. A fitting end to a powerful aural document of a specific place and time, with Olivebridge Seth and Nathan have created a mosaic of experimental Americana that is at once both inviting and foreboding. Come and hang your hat awhile.

...everything has a wide-open pastoral vibe. The Wire