Sun Hammer

We’re kicking off the spring in proper fashion with a new self-titled release from LA-via-Portland-via-Michigan producer Sun Hammer (né Jay Bodley). Previous to now, Sun Hammer has been known more for detailed drones and abstracted beats than hooks and intensely personal lyrics. While all this might come as a surprise, it’s more of a return to form. Sun Hammer’s roots lie in Ann Arbor hip-hop collective the Abolitionists, who all make guest appearances throughout the album.

s/t was pieced together out of sketches, home recordings, and fragments of conversation made between 2010-2017. Plunderphonic collage is nestled next to outsider R&B hits in an idiosyncratic journey through the producer’s past near-decade of work. At its core, this is a pop album, but Bodley’s interest in experimental electronic techniques is never far from the surface. Musique concréte pioneer Pierre Schaeffer even gets a literal shout-out.

This is no doubt Full Spectrum’s poppiest offering yet, and we’re happy that this turning point for Sun Hammer is a part of the catalog. Sun Hammer is the end of one chapter in a prolific producer’s career and the beginning of a new one. s/t is available from Full Spectrum Records as a limited-edition cassette or digital download.