Sloth Period


After a restless period of collaboration and experimentation, Radere returns to Full Spectrum with a two-pronged follow-up to 2013 ’s Dreamless. His vinyl debut, dubbed I Can’t Sleep, I Can’t Wake Up, is slated for release this autumn; but first up is Sloth Period, a collection of water-logged noise swatches culled from Radere’s experiments in modular synthesis over the past year.

If Dreamless represented the nave of the Church of Radere, wide open and resonant in form, I Can’t Sleep, I Can’t Wake Up is the altar; providing a perfect point of cohesion and crystallization. Sloth Period, however, lies buried beneath as the crypt. Hidden from view and accessible only to the most devout acolytes, Sloth Period presents a degraded menagerie of fumbling pulsations and xerographic ghosts that traces the connective logic between Radere’s former work with the guitar and his current explorations into purely electronic sound.

Musical gestures don’t fracture or tessellate; but rather, they briefly surface before submerging to the depths once again, leaving the listener unsure of what just occurred. It’s a disorienting sound world that unfolds at its own leisure, force grown from generative processes and allowed to find its own internal footing organically.

This is definitely one of the mistiest, most meditative drone/noise tapes I’ve had the pleasure of sampling. Tabs Out