Songs For Puppies

Beast Nest

Beast Nest is the primary performance vehicle for Sharmi Basu, a queer South Asian woman of color focused on creating experimental music as a means of decolonizing musical language. One day, Sharmi aspires to have an ensemble called “Dog Divas,” which will feature her lying in the grass surrounded by Casio keyboards played by overexcited 6-week-old puppies.

With that in mind: Songs For Puppies marks her Full Spectrum debut. A dense mosaic of textures and sonic ephemera, these recordings explore intersectional dualities, catalyzing a political – yet ethereal – aesthetic by combining her anti-colonial and anti-imperialist political leanings with a commitment to spirituality within the arts.

Over its duration, the listener is transported through densely layered aural environments that are at once becalmed and brutal; light and dark; ordered and collapsing utterly into entropy. Recalling, at times, the toothsome noise jams of the late Yellow Swans, or perhaps Rashad Becker’s biomimetic aural sculptures, we are thrilled to feature this remarkable work as part of the Full Spectrum catalog.

So-called “noise” music wields its emotional ambiguity as its most powerful political weapon. Music alone can never hope to destabilize global capitalist hegemony (sorry, optimists), but what it can do is destabilize the sensory expectations it has filled up, blurring the line in the sand our culture has drawn between positive and negative, desire and repulsion, fight or flight responses. Decoder
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