Rin Larping

Rin Larping is the solo project of one Lindsay Smith. A longtime staple of the South East noise scene and a member of the Full Spectrum family since the beginning, having provided artwork and performances on many of Andrew Weathers' recordings, STRATUM marks her first ever solo release.

The product of many years of solo performance and improvisational practice, STRATUM centers on Lindsay's electric guitar, voice and signature bass clarinet, which she loops and processes via a battery of guitar pedals. Hers is a decidedly lo-fi approach, but the results are striking in their immediacy, settling into the zone that falls between noise, free improvisation and ecstatic, everlasting drone.

The album opens unassumingly with the shamanic thrum of ORO before diving headlong into the abyss of ANYEN, layering and dilating Lindsay’s clarinet into a seasick blur. PITI and FE MAL – the album’s shortest selections – offer a moment of calm stability as they revolve in place like delicate sonic mobiles. The final thrust, however, puts the focus on Lindsay’s six-string, which she plays using a deconstructed musical vocabulary that is all her own.

We are proud to feature Lindsay’s debut among our September batch of releases. It’s been a long time coming, but with S​TRATUM,​ she has delivered one of the most unique releases in our expanding catalog.

Low-bore, but very treat-like. The Wire
There is a spiritual persistence here. The album’s sinister gestures seem to be carrying Smith toward an immaterial something – a place of inner truth revealing itself further with every repetition of a particular gesture. ATTN:Magazine