Things I said I'd never be

Tim Feeney / Aaron Michael Butler

Things I said I’d never be is the latest opus from improviser, composer and interpreter Tim Feeney, who himself never sought to be a composer at all. Despite his intent – Feeney has plied his trade as such since 2002, presenting his works to audiences at experimental spaces throughout the United States and abroad.

Initially composed in 2014 for an insightful and contemplative group of percussionists that included Aaron Michael Butler [the artist who would become responsible for this recorded document], Aaron Levy, Clara Warnaar, Robby Bowen and Sean Harvey, ‘Things I said…’ is in essence a performed sound collage that incorporates sound objects, transducers and field recordings.

In concert, each performer assembles a selection of continuous, detailed sounds captured from acoustic sound sources. Then – these sounds are then played back through two or more resonant objects prepared with transducers, alongside additional environmental recordings made in two locations that carry strong positive or negative charge.

As these myriad sounds intertwine and react with one another, carrying with them the ambient sound and energy of their recorded and metaphoric locations, they bloom into the space inhabited by the listener or audience, slowly and surely if tuned so that the initial noise from the past is just audible in the present.

This recording captures a 2015 performance of the piece by Aaron Michael Butler that took place at the now sadly defunct Louisville, KY venue Dreamland.