wanna live in the world w/a whole face

tanner menard & Andrew Weathers

The debut collaborative effort from label mainstays Andrew Weathers and tanner menard. A sprawling combination of ambient music with indigenous queer elliptical poetry and visual art, this unique project is among the most ambitious editions we’ve had the pleasure of putting together.

While menard came to Full Spectrum initially via the dulcet piano meditations of Deepest Indigo, poetry has been their primary creative calling in the years since those recordings were captured. A member of the Atakapa-Ishak Nation of Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas, menard’s verse explores both their queer hybridity and mestizo Indigenous / French lineage.

Assembled from recordings made between summer 2017 and summer 2018 at locations in Arnaudville, LA and Littlefield, TX, wanna live in a world w/a whole face fuses menard’s musings on surveillance culture, indigenous resistance, gender identity and the evasive notion of sovereignty with Weathers’ prismatic drones. In the process, these recordings unspool as a decalcifying mist that is at once both confoundingly familiar and intensely otherworldly.

Not content to simply leave this as an aural presentation, the duo sought ways to make this release a holistic work of art that allows indigenous artists to tell their own stories and discuss the issues facing queer indigenous communities via contemporary means. To that end, visual artists Sky Duncan – a queer mixed-media artist and hoop dancer from the Hidatsa, Mandan and San Carlos Apache Tribes – and curator / photographer Raphael Begay, Diné, were enlisted to contribute their work to the physical edition of wanna live in the world w/a whole face.