We Don’t Have Sun Like This

Andrew Weathers & Andrew Marino

It has been a little over four years since Andrew Weathers and Andrew Marino began Full Spectrum with their introductory release, Aa. A lot has changed since then, and this project has served as a way for the two to continue to directly create together since Weathers relocated to Oakland, CA last summer. We Don't Have Sun Like This is a document of their relationship as friends and collaborators.

We Don't Have Sun Like This continues in the same format as Aa, as a photo book with accompanying album. The photographs within provide a visual narrative to Weathers' compositions, which continue his exploration of the crossover of folk music into contemporary experimental electronics. Weathers patched the pieces together during a period of transition to his new home in California during the late summer of 2011. The character of the variety of locales became a central element of the music through the use of field recordings and room resonances.

Within each piece lies a central idea, and each idea is tied with a pair of photographs. Earlier in spring, Weathers' photographs were created around the Bay Area of California, and the majority of Marino's around the rural expanses of Chatham County in North Carolina.

The folky, homespun, guitar-picking improvisational style of the North Carolinian hills is now the sound of Oakland, California? Yes, you read that right. A Closer Listen
Each photograph compliments and simultaneously contradicts the other. Interiors versus exteriors, night versus day, real versus fake, otherwise not making sense separately, but making all the sense in the world after every turn of the page. Empty Stretch
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