What Happens When We Stop

Andrew Weathers Ensemble

The follow-up proper to last year’s Guilford County Songs, What Happens When We Stop marks the most mature outing to date from Weathers and his band of collaborators, diving deep into the sound world Weathers has carved out over the course of several releases released through Blondena, Sleep On The Floor, Future Recordings and Full Spectrum.

Produced throughout last year, the initial recordings were made in Weathers’ home state of North Carolina with a crew of his east coast friends. These tracks were then taken to his adopted home in Oakland, CA, where his west coast collaborators were given an opportunity to contribute. “The album is comprised mostly of pieces that I wrote on the acoustic guitar,” Weathers explains, “but those sketches ended up creating space for these people who have never met to play together.”

The album was largely conceptualized on the road, during one of Weathers’ extensive tours of the United States. Ideas were toyed with in performance, undergoing an extensive process of tooling and retooling with the rotating cast of supporting musicians that joined him nightly. Once Weathers had some downtime, he took all of the audio and experience that accumulated during his months on the road and synthesized it into the album that sits before you.

The end result is a collection of delicate ballads firmly rooted in the American Primitive tradition, putting Weathers in line with lauded guitarists such as Robbie Basho and Jack Rose; but there's more at play here than mere rustic romanticism. What Happens When We Stop draws equally from drone, classical, contemporary electronic music, sound art and even rap music, of which Weathers is a voracious consumer.

This is a new quote! Seth Chrisman
Manages to transcend the limitations of folk and experimental to create something thoroughly unique. Beach Sloth
Everything is just as warm and incomparably serene as ever, old American folk perfectly melded with contemporary drone & neo-classical, subtle electronics peaking through the twinkling piano, harmoniums humming beneath hypnotic acoustic strumming... Anti-Gravity Bunny
A rich, alluring album which reaches a confluence of styles and approaches that are both contemporary and ancient and driven as much by ensemble work as that of one mind. Experimedia