Word Is Bond

Matt Northrup

Those who know Matt Northrup will know what you’re in for. For those who don’t, this is quite a pleasant surprise and a nice change of pace in the Full Spectrum catalog. Unlike Northrup’s involvement playing guitar in rock bands such as Mutant League and Casual Curious, these songs are the personal extension of his guitar playing on the side.

It has been really impressive to see how these pieces have evolved over time. For as long as we have known Matt, he’s always been messing around with different melodies and riffs on his guitar on the couch or in his practice space. Word Is Bond is a much more refined take on his ideas. While the individual parts are fairly simple, when they are put together they form colorful complex patterns.

This short but catchy debut from Matt is completely looped live, full of warm rhythms, shimmering drones, soaring fuzzy solos, and promise for many great things to come from this musician. If you like Emeralds or White Rainbow, then this is definitely up your alley.

A cassette to played in repeat mode. Excellent handsome catchy tunes, marking a summery feel. Spring is here. Vital Weekly